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Welcome to Simply Start

Where coaches learn and grow together.


Simply Start is a supportive global community of like minded coaches. It's an inspiring, fun, trustworthy and authentic place. A place for coaches to connect, grow together and learn from each other and inspiring mentors. So, coaches can own their (coaching) powers and build a sustainable business.

Why You Should Join

To be part of a supportive community of like minded coaches who are all on the same journey. To get support and support other in the process of setting up or growing your coaching business from within and fully owning your power as a coach.

What you will get

  • Monthly live coaching session + reflection with and experienced coach. So that you can deepen your (understanding of) coaching skills by watching and reflecting on seeing other coaches coach.
  • Private community group to foster more connection and sharing. And access to replays off previous demo's, lessons and gatherings.
  • Monthly virtual office hours with Manon and the rest of the community members. So we can really learn together and help each other grow further! 
  • Monthly 'Ask me anything' online session with an experienced mentor/ coach.
  • Discount up to 50% to paid programs and classes like coaching circles, mentor programs, challenges and more.

What members say

"Simply Start is truly one of the more valuable gems in my coaching growth and learning right now. I love being able to watch the demos and reflect. The office hours are so helpful. The people that are in the group are thoughtful, intelligent, rich with experience and diversity of offerings, clearly committed and just so warm and comfortable to be with. Manon's care and dedication and presence are so clear, and her ability to hold a safe, structured, focused yet fluid and open space for learning and reflection are truly impressive. Basically, I love it!" Natalie Claire (Co-active coach in certification, US) 

"Being able to watch a professional coaching session was super helpful as a coach in training. It not only helped to refresh my memory of how to conduct a coaching session, but it also allowed me to see how profound a coaching session can be, even in such a short amount of time between two people who have never previously met. This particular session was very emotional and it was wonderful to see how the coach allowed space for the emotions to be there but also kept the session focussed and moved the coachee forward towards the vision they had for themselves. "  Mina Aidoo )Co-active Coach, London)


Join before November 1 and pay the launch price 26,99 USD per month. 

If after one month you feel you are not gaining value from your membership you will get your money back. No questions asked!

After November 1st the price will be 36,99 USD.

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